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We have been trading for 10 years now. A long history, stable international relations, developed infrastructure allow us to trade all over the world.
Co-invest with us and get from 18% per annum in US dollars in the international trade in agricultural products
Prerequisites and opportunities:
According to the UN, food prices
all over the world can grow
more than 20%
Ukraine has lost about 25% of sown area compared to 2021.
International trading companies (Cargill, etc.) will not leave the Russian market
Commodity asset prices are on a record high: in 2021, almost all of them reached 10-year highs
Export of wheat from Russia
and Ukraine is critical
for many countries
The EU announced the possibility of freely buying Russian food
"To supply the population with high-quality agricultural products around the world and always remain a reliable partner for you"
Akim Talibov
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