Tusaf-2017 Conference

International Congress and Exhibition "Wheat: Trade, Trends and Innovations of Bread Products»

From March 30 to April 2, 2017, within the framework of the 13th International Congress and Exhibition organized by the Federation of Flour Millers of Turkey in cooperation with the International Association of Active Millers (IAOM), the International Congress and Exhibition "Wheat: Trade, Trends and Innovations of bread products"was organized. 
Thanks to the Congress, the members of the AGS Trading team who visited the Exhibition had the opportunity to strengthen trade relations in both existing and new markets and establish new connections.
In addition, companies that participated in the congress and the exhibition, thanks to free tables, were given the opportunity to participate in bilateral meetings to exchange information, experience and knowledge.
At the seminar, teachers and representatives of companies conducted training on the following topics: wheat grain structure and grinding properties, flour quality and meeting market needs, determining the quality of wheat and flour in the laboratory, storage, wheat cleaning equipment and principles of separation into varieties, crushing system, sieving system and choosing the right sieve, pest control, waste, infestations and endotoxins, systems for sieving and cleaning semolina, flour additives.
This congress was attended by flour producers, traders, suppliers, millers, producers of bread and bakery products, more than 950 national and international delegates. More than 50 exhibition spaces were presented. 
The speakers were guests from Turkey and the authorities of the Black Sea region, the International Union of Millers, the European Association of Millers, representatives of leading companies in the grain sector, civil society organizations and the media.